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  • Jarrod Davis
    Welcome to Easy Game Pascal Website.  Easy Game Pascal (EGP) is Object Pascal compiler (compatible with Delphi 7.x syntax) that is optimized for game development with its own simple to use game library. It will include an IDE and various tools and utilities to make game development easy for people that love using the Pascal programming language.
    I'm currently working on getting the website completed with all the needed features to allow site management and great user experience for building a strong community. What's super nice is that most implemented features will happen directly from our website such as for eCommerce (you can pay with credit card without having to leave site), support tickets, issue tracking and more, all managed by our website software.
    Some features include:
    Content management Development blogs Support forums & ticket systems Project issue tracking eCommerce (PayPal & direct credit cards payment) Gallery Other community engagement features We are actively working on implementing/revising these and other features. Some parts of the site may or may not yet be working at the moment. Over the coming weeks the full power of our new website should become available.

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    • Easy Game Pascal IDE - File Explorer
      Added a file explorer feature to ide so you can navigate the file system from the IDE. Also, its planned to have a favorites section below so you can save often referenced locations.
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    • Easy Game Pascal Update #1
      2018.1.alpha was released recently. So far so good, although I tagged it as "alpha", it seems to be pretty stable. Work continues. Today I added a project options dialog. Now you are able to set project options from source using project directives or via the new options dialog. The order of precedence is the compiler will pick up options defined in source code first, then use options defined via the options dialog. This, along with other fixes and enhancements, will be in next release.

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    • Easy Game Pascal IDE #2
      Latest update to the light-weight IDE for EGP. This version has work spaces, code templates, multiple projects and more.
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    • Work in progress of the light weight IDE being developed for Easy Game Pascal
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    • Waves of Opportunity
      What I've noticed is that usually half way into the decade or so, a new wave of opportunity starts to emerge. We have to constantly watch our industry, looking for these waves. If we can then get in and exploit the market as much as possible, before it becomes saturated, we will have enough momentum to "ride it out" into the next decade. So always be thinking about such trends and keeping a close eye on new opportunities. Depending on the situation, one can either create new advancements, which will create totally new markets and/or innovate a current market to create new waves of opportunity.
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